Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretty Please With Sugar On Top

Who can resist those words? Not me!!! And apparently not Grampa Scott!! One of the things that Laura and I love to do is go to Pet Smart to visit the fish, hamsters, birds, kitties, and see the dogs that are there for a hair cut. Where you first walk in there is this huge display of Christmas vests for doggies. Here is our conversation:
Laura: OH Grandma Look at these cute sweaters for Baby.
Can we get one pretty please?
Me: Oh Grampa would never go for that!!! (Same conversation happened on Halloween!)
Laura: Come on Grandma Pretty Please Grampa will say yes if I ask him (imagine her saying this with the I know he will attitude!!)
Me: I do not think Grampa will go for that Laura
Laura: Can we call him pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top!!!
Me: OK ( I can not say no to that!!)
So I dial up Grampa and put him on speaker much to the delight of all the other people standing by us.
Grampa Scott: Hello
Laura: HI Grampa can we buy a sweater for Baby?
Grampa: A sweater for Baby huh
Laura: Yeah you know because she is cold when she goes outside
Grampa: Did Grandma say that? as he is chuckling
Laura: Pretty Please Grampa Pretty please with sugar on top?
Grampa: What kind of sweater?
Laura has to pick up several to look at while Grandpa waits and all the bystanders are anxiously awaiting the answer!!!
Laura: Like this one (as if he can see through the phone)
Grandma: In the background Pink argyle
Grampa: How much is it?
Grandma: You do not want to know.
Laura: Can we please Grandpa Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?
Grampa: Ok go ahead
Laura: Bouncing up and down Yeah thank you Grampa.
Grampa: Good Bye Laura, I love you.
Laura: I love you too!!!!
So here is Baby with her new sweater and here is Laura on the way home. I guess it is pretty tiring to pick out a doggie sweater!

After Laura falls asleep on our way home, I call Grampa and he tells me that "You know I can never tell her no!!! Of course, my comment was "That is exactly why we called you, I can never tell her no!!!"

This last week Jayden and Bryce spent a couple of days with me. Jayden knows the pretty please ploy as well.
On Monday morning I picked them up at home and brought them to our house. On the way home we had to stop at the grocery store to by milk. So as we go by the donuts, the conversation goes like this:
Jayden:Oh Oh Grandma look at the doughnuts-can we get some for Grampa pretty please?
Me: Pretty please? For Grampa?
Jayden: Yes Grandma Grampa wants them pretty please with sugar on top!!!
Of course, you guessed it, we bought donuts, and milk, and bananas, and grapes, and eggs, and cearal, and pudding, when we really only needed milk!!!!! Grampa really did like those donuts though. On Wednesday Great Grampa Joe came to visit for awhile and we had a lesson on hearing aides.
Jayden was trying to talk to Grampa Joe and I was trying to explain that he needed to talk a little louder because Grampa Joe has a hearing aide.
Jayden: What is a hearing Aide?
Me: See look in Grampa Joe's ear, see the hearing aide? It helps him hear what you are saying.
Jayden: Why does he have a hearing aide?
Me: He has it to hear you better (for the tenth time!!)
Jayden: I can hear.
Me: I know, but sometimes people have to have a hearing aide to help them hear, like Laura has one too.
Jayden: No she doesn't.
Me: Well, yes she does, just not right now. Try to explain that to a three year old.
After Grampa Joe went home Jayden and I discussed the hearing aide, oh I don't know, a hundred times more.

Here is a picture of Grampa Scott and Jayden and Bryce. We really had a good chuckle from this conversation:
Jayden: Grampa Scott your jeans have a hole in them!
Grampa: Did you hear that Grandma my jeans have a hole in them!!!
Bryce: See See the hole!!!
Me: Thanks for telling me boys-I will have to fix (throw away) them!!!

I am so blessed to be just the grandma!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Granny Sqaud

I met the most amazing woman in New York. Her name is Barbara Zobian and she is the President of the Candlelighters of New York City. Barbara Zobian is an extremely giving person. She is a full time volunteer and works hard to make life easier for people affected by childhood cancer.
She certainly deserves the high praise and honor she recently received after winning first place in the OTTY awards. The "Our Town Thanks You" awards are given to leaders in the East Side neighborhood who "make special contributions to the greater New York City community." Barbara has co-organized the St. Baldrick's Boathouse at Central Park event for the past few years and has successfully launched Candlelighters, NYC, a branch of a national organization that supports families of children with cancer - needless to say, she keeps busy! Barbara provides support meetings, ensures the children and families touched by pediatric cancer are as comfortable as possible, and enjoys getting to know and play with the kids. She told Our Town newspaper, "New York is a magnificent place. Everyone is so helpful. Ours is a community that loves kids."

Here is one of her notes: This picture of four year old Laura and her Mom Trisha was taken yesterday. Laura came over wearing her footie pajamas, to meet me and Uno for the first time. Tonight is Trisha's 33 birthday and I have arranged for her to have a Birthday party at Maz Mezcal Restaurant, all donated. They are going with another wonderful family going through the same thing they are.Trisha said that this is the first time Laura has smiled in two weeks. How can I not do what I am doing. I am blessed to be a part of these wonderful children's,Barbara

Barbara is helping me with a new project. As a grandma to a child with cancer, Barbara and I both feel that grandma's have double duty so to speak. We have to watch our own child watch her child suffer with this monster of cancer. I have found that only grandmas with grandchildren who have cancer can understand what this life is all about. Other Grandmas are caring, loving, and sympathetic, but They Do Not Really Understand what it is like to walk in our shoes. And I pray to GOD that they never have to. As for the rest of us grandmas, we need other grandmas to share with, cry with, celebrate with, grieve with, and sometimes to just try to forget for one second that our children and grandchildren are living with this monster. So with the help of Barbara and the sponsor of Candlelighters of New York City, we are forming the GRANNY SQUAD!!!!!! CandleLighters is providing a conference call number and we would like to set up a time for all grandmas to call in at one time, to cry, laugh, celebrate, grieve, and just share the joy of being a grandma. Thank you, Barbara, for all you do for me and for our children's families. You are my inspiration. And who could not just love Uno the therapy dog!!!! Please, if you are a grandma to a child with cancer, please contact me at so we can get this going. I really am more than just the grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day. HMMMMMMMMMMMM I did not even remember it was going to be Sweetest Day until Friday evening when I arrived at the grocery store. I walked past a chocolate chip cookie as big as a pie, decorated with a huge Happy Sweetest Day LOGO and lots of frosting. Then past cupcakes decorated with the same, then small cakes, and finally Sweetest Day cards. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Must be Sweetest Day is coming, OH WAIT---It is the very next day and I do not have a card or a present for my husband Scott!!!!!!!!!!!! So around the store I go once again picking out the perfect cookie, and the perfect card. And just think, if I had not needed eggs, I would not have even remembered!!!!!! Scott loved the cookie (of course not as much as if I had made it) and the card was a hit. But you ask what was his gift to me? Well, not a cookie because those of you that know me, know that a cookie would not pass my lips. Scott's present to me was in a conversation we had later that day. It went like this:

Scott: I love you.
Me: I love you too. I like us like this. You know, close and happy.
Scott: Me too.
Me: What did my note say that you found?
Scott: It said "I married you then, and I would marry you again"
Me: I would, you know.
Scott: Babe - even if we had to do all this again (Laura's cancer), I would still marry you again.

That statement was the best present Scott could ever give me.

Does sweetest day have to be a holiday?? No. I think any day is sweet, but some days are sweeter. Like yesterday.
There is a very sweet little guy CJ Shaw who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on December 1, 2006. He had two masses on his brain and had emergency surgery that night to remove the larger of the two. A few days later he again had surgery to remove the other mass. It was cancerous. You can read his updates at:
CJ's aunt Erin is putting together a wonderful fundraiser for CJ and his family. I called her and offered to help out. So yesterday I spoke to Mrs. Michigan and asked her if she would like to make an appearance. Here is the sweet part--she said yes, without a hesitation in her voice, just YES!!!! It would be her pleasure!!!!! How wonderful it is that someone as important as Mrs. Michigan would just say Yes, just tell her when and where!!!! I have included a picture of her with Owen and Rich Michaels at Laura's fund raiser. I have never met CJ in person but he is one of my little angels in my Angel_Wings prayer group. His grandma Michelle and I have never met either, but we have talked on the phone and emailed back and forth. We have that the common thread of being the grandma to a child with cancer. I can not wait to share a grandma hug with her. That is the joy of being just the grandma!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Childhood Cancer Neuroblastoma

Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer.

*On the average 12,500 children and teens will be diagnosed with some form of cancer each year in this country.

*One in 330 children will develop cancer by age 20.

*Although the 5 year survival rate is steadily increasing, one quarter of children will die 5 years from the time of diagnosis.

*Cancer remains the #1 disease killer of America's children - more than Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Asthma and AIDS combined.

*In the U.S. almost 3,000 children do not survive cancer each year.

*Over the past two decades, only ONE new cancer drug has been approved for pediatric use.

*Currently there are between 30-40,000 children undergoing cancer treatment in the U.S.

*Every 16 hours a day a child with Neuroblastoma dies.

*As a nation, we spend over $14 BILLION per year on the space program, but only $35 MILLION on Childhood Cancer Research each year.

*There are 15 children diagnosed with cancer for every one child diagnosed with pediatric AIDS. Yet, the U.S. invests approximiately $595,000 for research per victim of pediatric AIDS and only $20,000 for each victim of childhood cancer.

*Research funds are scarce as most money is diverted to well-publicized adult forms of cancer, such as breast and prostate.

*In 2005, the American Cancer Society provided only 2.5% of funded grants, or 1.85% of dollars spent on research to pediatric cancer. ~Where the heck is all their money going? If they were to give all the money they received to research we'd have a cure by now!

Pediatric Cancer is more common than you think! It's deadlier than you know and, it doesn't have the research funding to get any better! Right now, this second, somewhere in America, there are 7 children fighting for their lives who won't live through the day. WE CAN DO BETTER!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joys and Sorrows

Several events over the last few weeks have brought great joy. Laura started kindergarten!!!! This is a day we always dreamed of, but never thought we would see after her diagnosis of Stage IV neuroblastoma. Owen is the 2nd grade. Where does time go? Laura's recent scans show her to be NED (No Evidence of Disease). Truly an answer to prayer.
I have had the privilege of being a Chemo Angel to a very very special boy, Sean.
Sean had been diagnosed with Stage 2 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (botryroid type) located in his bladder. He was treated at Texas Children's Cancer Center. Sean had his end of treatment scans on 8/11/08 & 8/14/08. His chest CT came back clear. His pelvic MRI again came back with no tumor found. Sean is off treatment & considered to be NED (no evidence of disease). Sean, his brother Michael,and his mommy Shannon and Daddy Nick live in Texas. I have not met this precious family in person, however, I have gotten to know them through Sean's caringbridge site. What a privilege and joy to be allowed to share his journey. I received a very special thank you note from Shannon and both Michael and Sean made me a card!!! I will treasure these forever.

There were also many things that brought me sorrow.

My 15 year old Cocker Spaniel Bailey developed a cancer in his mouth and I had to allow him to go to heaven. Bailey has been blind and deaf for many years and had a stroke about a year ago. Even though I knew this time was near, I just wanted him with me as long as possible.
A few months ago I met a wonderful women, Dr. Val who is a veterinarian. She has held a very special spot in my heart since the day I met her. I truly think she really is the only person who understands that my pets are my family. She probably would not even laugh if I told her that they sleep in bed with me!!! Even up on Scott's pillow when he is not home. My husband Scott is gone alot and they are my company. Dr. Val is the only Veterinarian who I wanted to be with me when Bailey went to Heaven. I know Bailey is running and chasing tennis balls all day long. I miss him.
I met a family out in NY last December who were battling Rhabdomyoscarma. I have keep in touch with Jason and his Mom Nancy. Jason was declared NED after his treatments. Nancy and Jason received the most devastating news, Jason has relapsed. When I saw them at the hospital last week, all I could was hug Nancy. Jason greeted me with a smile and lots of dimples. My heart was breaking watching him suffering from vomiting while getting his chemo. I told Nancy I would trade me for him any day. This family is in need of lots of prayers.

I really want to end this on an upward mood so I am going to tell you about my beagle Shy Baby. Baby will be turning 1 on 9-29-08!!!!!!! I believe that Laura and I will be making muffins or cupcakes for Baby. Then there will be a little party with Baby and Buckwheat my other cocker Spanial. I can not imagine a better way to spend my afternoon, listening to Laura sing Happy Birthday to Baby and listening to her say "Oh Baby-You just can not control your licker!!!" as Baby washes Laura's face. These are the days that I will cherish forever, the days when I am just the grandma!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heart Tugs and Heart Swells

One of the things I love about being a grandma is that I get to be Pseudo Grandma to some very special kids. Last year, while we were spending so much time up on the 7Th floor at Mott's children's Hospital at University of Michigan, I became pseudo grandma to a special little boy named Benny Lewis. Benny's sister Ali was a patient there being treated for Leukemia. I just loved it when Benny came down the hall and screamed "Grandma!!!!" as he ran into my arms. I will never forget how he could hug and hug, then run down the hall to play. I remember one night when Ali's mom Sharon had gone back to the Ronald McDonald House to get some rest and Ali was super fussy. I spoke to her nurse and was allowed to try my grandma bounce with Ali. What a wonderful feeling to hold such a sweet baby, IV and all, and bounce down the hallways to comfort her. And the smell of a sweet baby, you do not have to be a grandma to know that precious baby smell. Little Ali would calm and appear to fall asleep only to wake again when I would lay her down. So off we would go, bouncing down the hallway again. On a different night I rocked and rocked her as she snuggled against my shoulder. Little Ali lost her battle with Leukemia and earned her precious angel wings January 9, 2008. I heard this from another family who were patients on 7. My heart was broken, sad to have lost sweet Ali, sad that I would not see Benny again, sad that I had not gotten Sharon's address, phone number, or email. Well GOD took care of this for me!!!! Sharon posted a message on my grand daughter Laura's page!!!!! I replied to that message and asked Sharon to email me. I was able to share with her the picture I had of Ali on Halloween and she shared pictures of Benny and Angel Ali with me. My heart swells with love when I see those pictures, and tugs to know this precious baby is in the arms of JESUS. I sent Benny a silly little homemade card, and yesterday when I opened my mailbox, I found one of the best presents of my life, a picture from Benny!!!!!!!!!! That picture is now framed and hangs right in front of my laptop!!!! October 15Th is Infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. I will be ordering a T Shirt from Sharon to were that day to honor sweet Angel Ali.

Another Heart Swell day was July 25Th, Jayden's 3rd birthday party. I just had to giggle when Jayden comes up to me with his "Hey Grandma my hair is all spiky!!!!!!" Who knew a three year old would love Spiky hair!! What fun to watch him as he moved from one thing to the next at the speed of lighting!!!!! Bryce had gotten a baby shot that same day and was extra cuddly, lucky me. I snuggled and snuggled him for most of the evening, enjoying that sweet little boy smell. Yes truly a heart swell day.

Another Heart Swell day was August 7th when our grandson Ayden turned 4!!!!! Holy moly where does the time go? I believe that he will be a pro golfer if his daddy has anything to say about it!!!!!

I also had a Heart Swell day last Friday. Laura's best friend Sydney came over to play and I had so much fun just listening to them giggle and play just like little girls should. At one point, they were in the bedroom putting on little bracelets and necklaces and Laura promptly told me "Look Grandma, we are getting popular!!!" hehehehe

I am not sure if this next segment is a heart swell or a heart tug, I guess a little of both. Since the summer is coming to a close, and school is stating soon, I have found myself a little at loose ends. Laura and Owen are going to school soon and won't need me to babysit as much. My heart swells knowing Laura's neuroblastoma is in remission and she can start kindergarten, and tugs that Laura is well enough to start kindergarten. So I figured that I needed to do something to fill up my extra time. I am volunteering at our local hospital in the new gift shop. After all, this is what you do when you are just the grandma!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My son Scott and his wife Brandi, along with Brandi's brother Adam and his wife Lisa, put together the 2ND Annual Golf Outing for Laura last Saturday. Laura has Stage IV neuroblastoma and travels to New York Sloan Kettering for her treatments,3 month scans and bone marrow biopsies. She is in remission right now and is HAMA positive and can not get the one and only treatment in NY that put her in remission. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a project that, in my opinion, no one should ever have to work on. I decided to make a poster showing Neuroblastoma children. I have a very very long list of children who are angels, in treatment, and in remission. I sent emails asking if I could use a picture of these children and never thought I would receive many OKs. Was I surprised!!!! I received so many responses that my one poster turned to three posters!!!! I was so humbled by the notes of appreciation for my effort. My friends daughter Sarah helped me with the posters and spent the day with me helping at the outing. Thank you Lisa for sharing your wonderful daughter with me. I also had the pleasure to meet another NB mom, Terri and her son Jeremy. Also, Cathy was able to ride with Terri and bring her son Ryan. And another special guest, Grandpa John and his wife Lydia came to visit as well. Grandpa John runs marathons to raise money for NB. Grandpa John got right down on the ground with the children and I and played Duck Duck Goose!!! I think we giggled more than the kids. You should visit his blog: I am so humbled by the love that is shown to our family. What better way is there to spend the day being just the grandma!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes I Get To Be The Kid

First of all, this picture is of my son Scotty, Daughter-in-law Brandi, Jayden and Bryce.
You know, sometimes I forget that I am just the grandma and decide to be the kid. Well, not actually decide, but get forced to be the kid. I have had a tummy issue for several years and it usually decides to act up at the most inconvenient times. Saturday night was one of those times. As the evening progressed, my tummy pain became more and more intense. Usually I can just go to bed with the heating pad and sleep it away. Not Saturday. My husband is a semi truck driver and was in Oregon, about as far away from Michigan as he could be. The kids are all tucked into their own beds at their own homes. I was a paramedic several years ago, so I know the cost to just load someone in the ambulance, let alone drive 2 miles to the hospital. So I take myself!!! After 5 hours of IV, CT scan, X-ray, pain meds, it is now time for me to get home. Now you all know that even though it is only 2 miles, the hospital frowns on driving after IV drugs!!!!! "So, who do you want us to call Carolyn?" (good thing I know the nurses!) Well, I can't call my mom, she won't be that happy I did not call her in the first place. I could a friend, but I am sure they are either sleeping, in Church, or working. So I tell the nurse she can call my son, Scott. She looks at me and says "He knows you are here right?" Well no he does not. So she gives him a call and over to the ER he comes. Now this is the part where I get to be the kid!!!!
Scotty: Hey Ma What is going on?
Me: Oh you know, just the belly.
Scotty: What is wrong with your belly?
Me: Just the usual belly pain.
Scotty: Did they find anything?
Me: Just the usual IBS.
Scotty: OK as he walks to the nurse and says:
"So I heard her story, now what is the rest of the story!!!!!" I actually had to snicker a little. Anyway, he drives me the two miles home, hops on my bike and rides back to the hospital to drive my car back home.
And of course, I find out he has called Scott to tell him all about it because "Like you would tell him all of the story? " It is days like that when you love your child for letting you be the kid sometimes instead of just the grandma!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!!!! I thought I would put a picture of Jayden so that you can see what a cutie he is!!! Enjoy the fireworks. I am staying home tonight. The kids are all busy with their families and I am too old to stay up that late!!! After all, I am just the grandma

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun with Jayden

Good Tuesday Morning. Today I want to tell you about my grandson Jayden.
Jayden will turn 3 at the end of July and is the son of my son Scotty and daughter in law Brandi. On Sunday, we scooped the boys up from mommy and daddy and headed over to Grandpa Joe's for a little family get together. Grandpa Joe has a couple of ponds with tons of fish to catch!!!!
Grampa Scott, Jayden, and I head on down with a fishing pole and worms. Well, Jayden was very interested in picking up the worms and just feeding the fish!! Grampa Scott immediately caught a bass!! Of course, I did not want to have him show me up, so I tossed in a line and caught a very very small fish. As we were releasing them back into the pond Jayden insisted we "take them home grandma!!!". After much discussion, back into the pond they went.

During dinner Jayden and I had the following conversation:
Jayden: I want those cookies.
Grandma: We need to eat some real food first.
Jayden: I no want to eat real food.
Grandma: How about some fruit?
Jayden: No!!!! I no want fruit. I want trawberries.
Grandma:OK, lets get some strawberries.
Jayden: Grandma these are good trawberries, I want more.
Grandma: Here is some more and some other fruit.
Jayden: I no want fruit (as he is shoving it in his mouth.
Jayden: What's that grandma?
Grandma: It is a brat.
Jayden: I don't like brat.
Grandma: OK, it is a hot dog.
Jayden: I wike hotdogs. No No I cut it wif the knife.
Grandma: No I will cut it.
Jayden: Grandma Grandma
Grandma: Yes Jayden
Jayden: I ate a good dinner?
Grandma: Yes Jayden you did a very nice job.
Jayden: I can have a cookie now please? (as his hand is in the cookie plate)
Grandma: Yes you may.

All this in approximately 1 minutes time!!!!!!!
Jayden is excellent with his manners. He will often remind me by saying " I use my manners, I have good manners, right grandma?"

Now like all 2 almost 3 years are, Jayden is go go go go go with his body and his mouth. I am amazed how he can reason out something but still not get other things. We walked down to the farm to see the baby calves and we discussed why we do not touch the electric fence. The calves were happy to see something that they could lick at and try sucking on. It was so much fun watching Jayden scream with delight at them. And what excitment there was over the HUGH tractors!!! Jayden would do just about anything to get up on one and ride!!!!
Jayden: What is that grandma? A Silo?
Grandma: Yes that is a silo. What is in the silo?
Jayden: Pop corn!!!! and grandma what is that?
Gradma: It is an irrigation thing Jayden,
Jayden: No grandma that is a sprinkler.

So after we walk the 1/4 mile back from the farm and discuss once again why there is an electric fence and why we do not touch it, Jayden decides to proceed out to the back yard with Grandpa Joe and walks right over to the electic fence and touch it!!! Should have seen that coming!!! After many tears and kisses, off we head to say our good byes. Of course, now Jayden does not want to go home so there is much debate about who else needs a hug, how many more cookies can he eat, which can of pop can he drink, if the sandels are on or off, etc etc etc.

On the short 10 miles home our discussion:
Jayden: Why didn't we go swimming?
Grandma: That is a fishing pond not a swimming pond.
Jayden: But grandma we could have just got our toes wet.
Grandma: Maybe next time.
Jayden: Where is your lawn mower?
Grampa: At home in the shed.
Jayden: My daddy has a lawnmower. Yeah and a pusher one too.
Grandma: A pusher one huh?
Jayden: Yeah and my daddy has to do this (pulling the cord motion) to get it to go.
And we have a weed wacker, do you have a weed wacker?
Grampa: Nope we do not.
Jayden: Not in your shed?
Grampa: Nope not in my shed.
Jayden: My daddy has a weed wacker in our shed and my daddy has to do this (pulling the cord motion again).
Grandma: Jayden, who is my favorite boy?
Jayden: I not.
Grandma: Yes you are.
Jayden: NOOO I am Honey's favorite!!! (Honey is Carol the next door neighbor).
You see, I tell all the grandkids they are my favorite and that they can not tell anyone else except mommy and daddy. I am sure that someday I will have to explain to them all why so and so is my favorite when I told this one they are my favorite.

Grampa looked at me and just shook his head, saying "His talking just never stops!"
I am not sure who was more tired, Jayden with all his going, grampa for all that listening, or Grandma for all the chasing to keep up with him.

It seems that Grampa is the man according to the grand kids. my conversation with Jayden on the phone last night went exactly the same as any other conversation with Jayden on the phone.
Grandma: HI Jayden, How are you?
Jayden: Where is grampa?
Grandma: He is at work.
Jayden: In his big truck?
Grandma: Yes, in his big truck
Jayden: Why?
Grandma: Because he is working.
Jaydn: Why is he working?
and on and on we go. I love those talks.

One last note. I have always taught the grandbabies to rub in my kisses. We kiss and then we rub them in together. As for Jayden, we play the game with an added comment from daddy.
Grandma: Jayden, here is your kiss now lets rub it in.
Daddy: Rub it off.
Grandma: No rub it in, not wipe it off!
Jayden: rubs it in and wipes it off in one swift motion with a huge giggle going on.

There is no better way to spend my day, sitting with the kids at lunch, discussing why cows are inside an electric fence, screaming with delight at a calf trying to suck our fingers, and rubbing in/wiping off kisses. After all, I am just the grandma who loves my grandchildren.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Saturday

Well Happy Saturday. I have decided to set up my own blog to share my world of being a grandma. I have 12 grandchildren. Jayden, Bryce, Laura, Owen, Ashley, Ben, Connar Rae, Mikayla, Faith, Logan, Ayden, and Lydia. I plan to share how my days are spent loving these special children.
I also have the special privilege of watching my daughter Trisha raise her children from a very different perspective than most parents. Since Trisha's daughter Laura was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, I have had the honor to be beside her almost 24/7. What a blessing for me. I tell Laura that I have the best job in the world, being her grandma. My amazing husband Scott is a semi driver and I was able to leave my job to do this for my family.
I hope you will stop by again and learn all about my grandchildren.