Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretty Please With Sugar On Top

Who can resist those words? Not me!!! And apparently not Grampa Scott!! One of the things that Laura and I love to do is go to Pet Smart to visit the fish, hamsters, birds, kitties, and see the dogs that are there for a hair cut. Where you first walk in there is this huge display of Christmas vests for doggies. Here is our conversation:
Laura: OH Grandma Look at these cute sweaters for Baby.
Can we get one pretty please?
Me: Oh Grampa would never go for that!!! (Same conversation happened on Halloween!)
Laura: Come on Grandma Pretty Please Grampa will say yes if I ask him (imagine her saying this with the I know he will attitude!!)
Me: I do not think Grampa will go for that Laura
Laura: Can we call him pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top!!!
Me: OK ( I can not say no to that!!)
So I dial up Grampa and put him on speaker much to the delight of all the other people standing by us.
Grampa Scott: Hello
Laura: HI Grampa can we buy a sweater for Baby?
Grampa: A sweater for Baby huh
Laura: Yeah you know because she is cold when she goes outside
Grampa: Did Grandma say that? as he is chuckling
Laura: Pretty Please Grampa Pretty please with sugar on top?
Grampa: What kind of sweater?
Laura has to pick up several to look at while Grandpa waits and all the bystanders are anxiously awaiting the answer!!!
Laura: Like this one (as if he can see through the phone)
Grandma: In the background Pink argyle
Grampa: How much is it?
Grandma: You do not want to know.
Laura: Can we please Grandpa Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?
Grampa: Ok go ahead
Laura: Bouncing up and down Yeah thank you Grampa.
Grampa: Good Bye Laura, I love you.
Laura: I love you too!!!!
So here is Baby with her new sweater and here is Laura on the way home. I guess it is pretty tiring to pick out a doggie sweater!

After Laura falls asleep on our way home, I call Grampa and he tells me that "You know I can never tell her no!!! Of course, my comment was "That is exactly why we called you, I can never tell her no!!!"

This last week Jayden and Bryce spent a couple of days with me. Jayden knows the pretty please ploy as well.
On Monday morning I picked them up at home and brought them to our house. On the way home we had to stop at the grocery store to by milk. So as we go by the donuts, the conversation goes like this:
Jayden:Oh Oh Grandma look at the doughnuts-can we get some for Grampa pretty please?
Me: Pretty please? For Grampa?
Jayden: Yes Grandma Grampa wants them pretty please with sugar on top!!!
Of course, you guessed it, we bought donuts, and milk, and bananas, and grapes, and eggs, and cearal, and pudding, when we really only needed milk!!!!! Grampa really did like those donuts though. On Wednesday Great Grampa Joe came to visit for awhile and we had a lesson on hearing aides.
Jayden was trying to talk to Grampa Joe and I was trying to explain that he needed to talk a little louder because Grampa Joe has a hearing aide.
Jayden: What is a hearing Aide?
Me: See look in Grampa Joe's ear, see the hearing aide? It helps him hear what you are saying.
Jayden: Why does he have a hearing aide?
Me: He has it to hear you better (for the tenth time!!)
Jayden: I can hear.
Me: I know, but sometimes people have to have a hearing aide to help them hear, like Laura has one too.
Jayden: No she doesn't.
Me: Well, yes she does, just not right now. Try to explain that to a three year old.
After Grampa Joe went home Jayden and I discussed the hearing aide, oh I don't know, a hundred times more.

Here is a picture of Grampa Scott and Jayden and Bryce. We really had a good chuckle from this conversation:
Jayden: Grampa Scott your jeans have a hole in them!
Grampa: Did you hear that Grandma my jeans have a hole in them!!!
Bryce: See See the hole!!!
Me: Thanks for telling me boys-I will have to fix (throw away) them!!!

I am so blessed to be just the grandma!!!

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BoufMom9 said...

What a perfectly wonderful granny you are!
So nice to get a chance to meet you.
I think i have seen your comments on Tuesday's blog. (after seeing in your side-note about your grand daughter laura)
I am so sad to know you are dealing with neuroblastoma as well. I actually have two little babies I know with stage 4. It is such a sad and horrible disease.
I will add little laura to my prayers.