Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joys and Sorrows

Several events over the last few weeks have brought great joy. Laura started kindergarten!!!! This is a day we always dreamed of, but never thought we would see after her diagnosis of Stage IV neuroblastoma. Owen is the 2nd grade. Where does time go? Laura's recent scans show her to be NED (No Evidence of Disease). Truly an answer to prayer.
I have had the privilege of being a Chemo Angel to a very very special boy, Sean.
Sean had been diagnosed with Stage 2 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (botryroid type) located in his bladder. He was treated at Texas Children's Cancer Center. Sean had his end of treatment scans on 8/11/08 & 8/14/08. His chest CT came back clear. His pelvic MRI again came back with no tumor found. Sean is off treatment & considered to be NED (no evidence of disease). Sean, his brother Michael,and his mommy Shannon and Daddy Nick live in Texas. I have not met this precious family in person, however, I have gotten to know them through Sean's caringbridge site. What a privilege and joy to be allowed to share his journey. I received a very special thank you note from Shannon and both Michael and Sean made me a card!!! I will treasure these forever.

There were also many things that brought me sorrow.

My 15 year old Cocker Spaniel Bailey developed a cancer in his mouth and I had to allow him to go to heaven. Bailey has been blind and deaf for many years and had a stroke about a year ago. Even though I knew this time was near, I just wanted him with me as long as possible.
A few months ago I met a wonderful women, Dr. Val who is a veterinarian. She has held a very special spot in my heart since the day I met her. I truly think she really is the only person who understands that my pets are my family. She probably would not even laugh if I told her that they sleep in bed with me!!! Even up on Scott's pillow when he is not home. My husband Scott is gone alot and they are my company. Dr. Val is the only Veterinarian who I wanted to be with me when Bailey went to Heaven. I know Bailey is running and chasing tennis balls all day long. I miss him.
I met a family out in NY last December who were battling Rhabdomyoscarma. I have keep in touch with Jason and his Mom Nancy. Jason was declared NED after his treatments. Nancy and Jason received the most devastating news, Jason has relapsed. When I saw them at the hospital last week, all I could was hug Nancy. Jason greeted me with a smile and lots of dimples. My heart was breaking watching him suffering from vomiting while getting his chemo. I told Nancy I would trade me for him any day. This family is in need of lots of prayers.

I really want to end this on an upward mood so I am going to tell you about my beagle Shy Baby. Baby will be turning 1 on 9-29-08!!!!!!! I believe that Laura and I will be making muffins or cupcakes for Baby. Then there will be a little party with Baby and Buckwheat my other cocker Spanial. I can not imagine a better way to spend my afternoon, listening to Laura sing Happy Birthday to Baby and listening to her say "Oh Baby-You just can not control your licker!!!" as Baby washes Laura's face. These are the days that I will cherish forever, the days when I am just the grandma!