Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes I Get To Be The Kid

First of all, this picture is of my son Scotty, Daughter-in-law Brandi, Jayden and Bryce.
You know, sometimes I forget that I am just the grandma and decide to be the kid. Well, not actually decide, but get forced to be the kid. I have had a tummy issue for several years and it usually decides to act up at the most inconvenient times. Saturday night was one of those times. As the evening progressed, my tummy pain became more and more intense. Usually I can just go to bed with the heating pad and sleep it away. Not Saturday. My husband is a semi truck driver and was in Oregon, about as far away from Michigan as he could be. The kids are all tucked into their own beds at their own homes. I was a paramedic several years ago, so I know the cost to just load someone in the ambulance, let alone drive 2 miles to the hospital. So I take myself!!! After 5 hours of IV, CT scan, X-ray, pain meds, it is now time for me to get home. Now you all know that even though it is only 2 miles, the hospital frowns on driving after IV drugs!!!!! "So, who do you want us to call Carolyn?" (good thing I know the nurses!) Well, I can't call my mom, she won't be that happy I did not call her in the first place. I could a friend, but I am sure they are either sleeping, in Church, or working. So I tell the nurse she can call my son, Scott. She looks at me and says "He knows you are here right?" Well no he does not. So she gives him a call and over to the ER he comes. Now this is the part where I get to be the kid!!!!
Scotty: Hey Ma What is going on?
Me: Oh you know, just the belly.
Scotty: What is wrong with your belly?
Me: Just the usual belly pain.
Scotty: Did they find anything?
Me: Just the usual IBS.
Scotty: OK as he walks to the nurse and says:
"So I heard her story, now what is the rest of the story!!!!!" I actually had to snicker a little. Anyway, he drives me the two miles home, hops on my bike and rides back to the hospital to drive my car back home.
And of course, I find out he has called Scott to tell him all about it because "Like you would tell him all of the story? " It is days like that when you love your child for letting you be the kid sometimes instead of just the grandma!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!!!! I thought I would put a picture of Jayden so that you can see what a cutie he is!!! Enjoy the fireworks. I am staying home tonight. The kids are all busy with their families and I am too old to stay up that late!!! After all, I am just the grandma

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun with Jayden

Good Tuesday Morning. Today I want to tell you about my grandson Jayden.
Jayden will turn 3 at the end of July and is the son of my son Scotty and daughter in law Brandi. On Sunday, we scooped the boys up from mommy and daddy and headed over to Grandpa Joe's for a little family get together. Grandpa Joe has a couple of ponds with tons of fish to catch!!!!
Grampa Scott, Jayden, and I head on down with a fishing pole and worms. Well, Jayden was very interested in picking up the worms and just feeding the fish!! Grampa Scott immediately caught a bass!! Of course, I did not want to have him show me up, so I tossed in a line and caught a very very small fish. As we were releasing them back into the pond Jayden insisted we "take them home grandma!!!". After much discussion, back into the pond they went.

During dinner Jayden and I had the following conversation:
Jayden: I want those cookies.
Grandma: We need to eat some real food first.
Jayden: I no want to eat real food.
Grandma: How about some fruit?
Jayden: No!!!! I no want fruit. I want trawberries.
Grandma:OK, lets get some strawberries.
Jayden: Grandma these are good trawberries, I want more.
Grandma: Here is some more and some other fruit.
Jayden: I no want fruit (as he is shoving it in his mouth.
Jayden: What's that grandma?
Grandma: It is a brat.
Jayden: I don't like brat.
Grandma: OK, it is a hot dog.
Jayden: I wike hotdogs. No No I cut it wif the knife.
Grandma: No I will cut it.
Jayden: Grandma Grandma
Grandma: Yes Jayden
Jayden: I ate a good dinner?
Grandma: Yes Jayden you did a very nice job.
Jayden: I can have a cookie now please? (as his hand is in the cookie plate)
Grandma: Yes you may.

All this in approximately 1 minutes time!!!!!!!
Jayden is excellent with his manners. He will often remind me by saying " I use my manners, I have good manners, right grandma?"

Now like all 2 almost 3 years are, Jayden is go go go go go with his body and his mouth. I am amazed how he can reason out something but still not get other things. We walked down to the farm to see the baby calves and we discussed why we do not touch the electric fence. The calves were happy to see something that they could lick at and try sucking on. It was so much fun watching Jayden scream with delight at them. And what excitment there was over the HUGH tractors!!! Jayden would do just about anything to get up on one and ride!!!!
Jayden: What is that grandma? A Silo?
Grandma: Yes that is a silo. What is in the silo?
Jayden: Pop corn!!!! and grandma what is that?
Gradma: It is an irrigation thing Jayden,
Jayden: No grandma that is a sprinkler.

So after we walk the 1/4 mile back from the farm and discuss once again why there is an electric fence and why we do not touch it, Jayden decides to proceed out to the back yard with Grandpa Joe and walks right over to the electic fence and touch it!!! Should have seen that coming!!! After many tears and kisses, off we head to say our good byes. Of course, now Jayden does not want to go home so there is much debate about who else needs a hug, how many more cookies can he eat, which can of pop can he drink, if the sandels are on or off, etc etc etc.

On the short 10 miles home our discussion:
Jayden: Why didn't we go swimming?
Grandma: That is a fishing pond not a swimming pond.
Jayden: But grandma we could have just got our toes wet.
Grandma: Maybe next time.
Jayden: Where is your lawn mower?
Grampa: At home in the shed.
Jayden: My daddy has a lawnmower. Yeah and a pusher one too.
Grandma: A pusher one huh?
Jayden: Yeah and my daddy has to do this (pulling the cord motion) to get it to go.
And we have a weed wacker, do you have a weed wacker?
Grampa: Nope we do not.
Jayden: Not in your shed?
Grampa: Nope not in my shed.
Jayden: My daddy has a weed wacker in our shed and my daddy has to do this (pulling the cord motion again).
Grandma: Jayden, who is my favorite boy?
Jayden: I not.
Grandma: Yes you are.
Jayden: NOOO I am Honey's favorite!!! (Honey is Carol the next door neighbor).
You see, I tell all the grandkids they are my favorite and that they can not tell anyone else except mommy and daddy. I am sure that someday I will have to explain to them all why so and so is my favorite when I told this one they are my favorite.

Grampa looked at me and just shook his head, saying "His talking just never stops!"
I am not sure who was more tired, Jayden with all his going, grampa for all that listening, or Grandma for all the chasing to keep up with him.

It seems that Grampa is the man according to the grand kids. my conversation with Jayden on the phone last night went exactly the same as any other conversation with Jayden on the phone.
Grandma: HI Jayden, How are you?
Jayden: Where is grampa?
Grandma: He is at work.
Jayden: In his big truck?
Grandma: Yes, in his big truck
Jayden: Why?
Grandma: Because he is working.
Jaydn: Why is he working?
and on and on we go. I love those talks.

One last note. I have always taught the grandbabies to rub in my kisses. We kiss and then we rub them in together. As for Jayden, we play the game with an added comment from daddy.
Grandma: Jayden, here is your kiss now lets rub it in.
Daddy: Rub it off.
Grandma: No rub it in, not wipe it off!
Jayden: rubs it in and wipes it off in one swift motion with a huge giggle going on.

There is no better way to spend my day, sitting with the kids at lunch, discussing why cows are inside an electric fence, screaming with delight at a calf trying to suck our fingers, and rubbing in/wiping off kisses. After all, I am just the grandma who loves my grandchildren.