Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heart Tugs and Heart Swells

One of the things I love about being a grandma is that I get to be Pseudo Grandma to some very special kids. Last year, while we were spending so much time up on the 7Th floor at Mott's children's Hospital at University of Michigan, I became pseudo grandma to a special little boy named Benny Lewis. Benny's sister Ali was a patient there being treated for Leukemia. I just loved it when Benny came down the hall and screamed "Grandma!!!!" as he ran into my arms. I will never forget how he could hug and hug, then run down the hall to play. I remember one night when Ali's mom Sharon had gone back to the Ronald McDonald House to get some rest and Ali was super fussy. I spoke to her nurse and was allowed to try my grandma bounce with Ali. What a wonderful feeling to hold such a sweet baby, IV and all, and bounce down the hallways to comfort her. And the smell of a sweet baby, you do not have to be a grandma to know that precious baby smell. Little Ali would calm and appear to fall asleep only to wake again when I would lay her down. So off we would go, bouncing down the hallway again. On a different night I rocked and rocked her as she snuggled against my shoulder. Little Ali lost her battle with Leukemia and earned her precious angel wings January 9, 2008. I heard this from another family who were patients on 7. My heart was broken, sad to have lost sweet Ali, sad that I would not see Benny again, sad that I had not gotten Sharon's address, phone number, or email. Well GOD took care of this for me!!!! Sharon posted a message on my grand daughter Laura's page!!!!! I replied to that message and asked Sharon to email me. I was able to share with her the picture I had of Ali on Halloween and she shared pictures of Benny and Angel Ali with me. My heart swells with love when I see those pictures, and tugs to know this precious baby is in the arms of JESUS. I sent Benny a silly little homemade card, and yesterday when I opened my mailbox, I found one of the best presents of my life, a picture from Benny!!!!!!!!!! That picture is now framed and hangs right in front of my laptop!!!! October 15Th is Infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. I will be ordering a T Shirt from Sharon to were that day to honor sweet Angel Ali.

Another Heart Swell day was July 25Th, Jayden's 3rd birthday party. I just had to giggle when Jayden comes up to me with his "Hey Grandma my hair is all spiky!!!!!!" Who knew a three year old would love Spiky hair!! What fun to watch him as he moved from one thing to the next at the speed of lighting!!!!! Bryce had gotten a baby shot that same day and was extra cuddly, lucky me. I snuggled and snuggled him for most of the evening, enjoying that sweet little boy smell. Yes truly a heart swell day.

Another Heart Swell day was August 7th when our grandson Ayden turned 4!!!!! Holy moly where does the time go? I believe that he will be a pro golfer if his daddy has anything to say about it!!!!!

I also had a Heart Swell day last Friday. Laura's best friend Sydney came over to play and I had so much fun just listening to them giggle and play just like little girls should. At one point, they were in the bedroom putting on little bracelets and necklaces and Laura promptly told me "Look Grandma, we are getting popular!!!" hehehehe

I am not sure if this next segment is a heart swell or a heart tug, I guess a little of both. Since the summer is coming to a close, and school is stating soon, I have found myself a little at loose ends. Laura and Owen are going to school soon and won't need me to babysit as much. My heart swells knowing Laura's neuroblastoma is in remission and she can start kindergarten, and tugs that Laura is well enough to start kindergarten. So I figured that I needed to do something to fill up my extra time. I am volunteering at our local hospital in the new gift shop. After all, this is what you do when you are just the grandma!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My son Scott and his wife Brandi, along with Brandi's brother Adam and his wife Lisa, put together the 2ND Annual Golf Outing for Laura last Saturday. Laura has Stage IV neuroblastoma and travels to New York Sloan Kettering for her treatments,3 month scans and bone marrow biopsies. She is in remission right now and is HAMA positive and can not get the one and only treatment in NY that put her in remission. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on a project that, in my opinion, no one should ever have to work on. I decided to make a poster showing Neuroblastoma children. I have a very very long list of children who are angels, in treatment, and in remission. I sent emails asking if I could use a picture of these children and never thought I would receive many OKs. Was I surprised!!!! I received so many responses that my one poster turned to three posters!!!! I was so humbled by the notes of appreciation for my effort. My friends daughter Sarah helped me with the posters and spent the day with me helping at the outing. Thank you Lisa for sharing your wonderful daughter with me. I also had the pleasure to meet another NB mom, Terri and her son Jeremy. Also, Cathy was able to ride with Terri and bring her son Ryan. And another special guest, Grandpa John and his wife Lydia came to visit as well. Grandpa John runs marathons to raise money for NB. Grandpa John got right down on the ground with the children and I and played Duck Duck Goose!!! I think we giggled more than the kids. You should visit his blog: I am so humbled by the love that is shown to our family. What better way is there to spend the day being just the grandma!!!