Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cats, Kittens, Puppies, and Babies

Cats, Kittens, Puppies, and Babies you ask? Yes, cats, kittens, puppies and babies has been our life for the last couple of months. First, if you know me, you know there are cats here on our "farm". Lots of cats!!! I am the kind of person that firmly believes every animal needs a person to love it. There is Izzy, Ozzie, Booty, Boots, Cry Cat, Ethel, Harriet, Agnes, Lexus, Sebastian, Cali, Purrslee, Lula, Felix, and Shiver. Now some of these are indoor cats, some are outdoor cats, some are outdoor cats that are indoors for one reason or another. Take Purrslee for example. Purslee is a gray tiger that appeared to have hurt her back when she was only a few weeks old and was having difficulty standing up, soooo, she moved from the barn to the spare bathroom for some one on one TLC. Before long she was up and moving around and could even jump over a baby gate!!! Last Friday, she decided she has not had enough attention and tried to make me think she was going to kitty heaven!!! She would not/could not stand up, walk, eat or drink!!! She would even take a shuttering breath, wait for 30-40 seconds, and then take another breath. I held her, snuggled her, and cried for her all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Monday, no moving, eating, or going to the bathroom and sleeping all day, Tuesday the same, Wednesday she decided to open her eyes so I made her hamburger soup and syringe fed her. Thursday she decided to hold up her head and look at me, so I gave her some hamburger to chew on, and she ate and peed but still unable to walk or stand. Friday she ate about 1/2 cup of burger and drank about a 1/4 cup of water!!!! As of today, she actually walked/wobbled, about 3 feet trying to get to me so she could sit on my lap and purr!!!! Soooooo---Purrslee is showing tons of improvement and ,as a matter of fact, she is sitting on my lap as I type this note. Really, all she had to do was look at me and purr last week, she did not have to play such a game with me!!!

Well where there are cats, there will be kittens!!! Especially when Scott happens to let Izzy out of the spare bathroom, where he was healing up from a fight with another tom cat, and OH YEA, there is Shiver!!! Now Shiver had only recently moved to our house and has not been fixed. Shiver had 6 babies!!!!! So out of the spare bath moved Ozzy, and in moved Shiver and kittens. Then Ethel, an outside cat, decided to have babies in the mulch!!! So into the house came Ethel and 5 babies!!! All well and good as long as they are confined to the box, but soon there were ll babies who needed to move outside and down the road. We have a free kitten sign and actually, only one of those kittens is still here, Mr. FuzzBucket!! Does that mean there are no other kittens outside? No way!!! I can actually see 7 babies sitting in front of the garage as I sit here. I know there are some outside in the barn, not sure if there are 4 or 5. Now I know you all are going to ask why I am not a responsible pet owner and have them fixed, well if I took every kitten that shows up here to the vet, I would not own this house!!!! Seems like there is a sign that only cats can read out front that says "Free Food, Lots of Cuddles Here". The ladies from the church are even calling to tell me about some cat or another that is in need of a home or else, so out to the barn they go!!!

As for the puppy part, we have a new Black Lab. Bentley was a stray/dumped dog that was running down the middle of the road. I stopped, and in he jumped. I reported him to Animal Control and they advised me that Bentley would be ours if no one claimed him in a week. No one came forward for him!!!!! I thought, this is a great puppy, maybe 5 months old, he can sit, he is calm, he is quiet, surely someone will want him back. Nope. So at the end of the week, he became ours. And we became the owner of a rambunctious, loud barking, waste basket emptying, dog. He redecorates any throw rug in the house to a new location, chewed the corner of the wall, has destroyed slippers, emptied every waste basket in this house!!! But he only does this when you are not looking. When you are with him, he is loving, calm, even smiles at you. If I hear paper rattling and I catch him in the act, he actually looks away like "What do you mean, I do not have any paper!" Explain that to Wells Fargo when they open my last payment!!! Scott looked at him the other day and said "Hey Douglas! and guess what? Bentley was so excited that we actually call him Douglas most of the time now. Go Figure!!! So I painted the wall corner with Cayenne Pepper, moved the waste basket into the spare bathroom, and I pray that the puppy settles down to the wonderful Black Lab he should be. As I type, he is actually removing every bone, chew toy, balls, everything from his basket of toys. And I love him!!! I am not so sure that Buckwheat the Cocker loves him, but Baby the Beagle is his best friend!!! What would we do without the spare bathroom?

Now we are on to babies. We are going to be grand parents again in January. Scott and Brandi are having a Baby Girl!! Jayden, who is now 4, said that if the baby was a boy, he was going to throw it in the lake. Yesterday when Scott and Brandi told him it was a girl, he was jumping up and down and squealing!! Bryce, who will be 3 in November, said NO when asked if he wanted a sister. I call this baby our tie breaker since we have 6 grand sons, and 6 grand daughters.

Our Laura started chemo again last Monday. This chemo is to beat down her immune system so she will be able to receive the 3f8 treatments that put her into remission. She has not been able to get these treatments for awhile and can only receive them until December. She is still showing no signs of active cancer and for that we are so grateful. GOD is good!!

So as you can see, we have had a busy summer. I am so very blessed to be "Just The Grandma"!!!