Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where has this Granny been!?

Good question!!  Where has this Granny been?  After all, my profile information has even changed.  We are up to 14 grand children, and just learned yesterday that great grand baby will arrive sometime in September. So let me fill you all in on some of the things in our home.

Our 17 yr (or so) old cat Sebastian reached his place in Kitty heaven.  I know that some people do not believe that dogs and cats go to heaven, but I believe they do. Sebastian was always on our lap, always.  So we miss him. We miss him! 

Laura started 3rd grade this year. Wow. 3rd grade. She loves her teacher, Mr. Seweck, and he has been wonderful keeping her connected with the class while she is gone.  Laura relapsed with her neuroblastoma in November.  Since the relapse, Laura has been out of school more than in school.  Her teacher sends her emails, videos of the kids, and even  had all the kids draw pictures of "Bob the blue duck" and sent it to Laura. 
Treatments have been hard and hospital stays are long. I do everything I can to help out, even if it is just running to the Ronald McDonald House to make noodles and parm cheese, knowing she will eat one bite and be done.

Owen turned 12 last November. 12? Where did that come from? As you can see, he enjoys hunting and even bagged his first birds this year.  I also forgot how 12yr olds think and talk. And yesterday I actually saw him comb his hair no less than 3 times in 30 min. Look out mom.

Look out for my next post. Soon I promise.  We have had some very happy times mixed in with our hard times.  I can not wait to share.

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