Monday, May 16, 2011

6 Degrees of Seperation

Wow look at how long it has been since I wrote on this blog!! Shame on me. The picture is Laura reading to me one night a couple of months ago. There has been so much happening recently. Laura has relapsed with her neuroblastoma and the chemo does not seem to be working. We have so many people praying for us that we feel completely surrounded by love.

I have always been amazed by the idea that we are only six people away from knowing everyone in the world. Since I have been around (and I am old) a long time, I have the honor of knowing a lot of people. But the six people issue has really shown itself in the last 4 weeks. First my dear friend Amy Hirschman told me she would love to sell our Love 4 Laura bracelets. She posted a note on her facebook page and Sandy Gray contacted her wondering how Amy knew about Laura. You see, Sandy had heard all about Laura from her friend Kindi Douglas. Kindi and her son Truman had seen Laura 4 years ago at a movie and Truman was praying for the little bald girl every night. Kindi was also praying for a little girl from day care who had neuroblastoma. She did not realize this was the same little Laura. One day while we were at U of M, Kindi approached us and asked if by chance Laura was at the movie Underdog!!!! We were amazed that we would run into someone at the hospital who had a connection with Laura from Lansing. Kindi and Sandy walk together in the mornings and Kindi had been telling Sandy all about our Laura. Then when she saw the note on Amy's page, she felt so drawn to Laura!! One day at work, a salesman came to Sandy's office to see if they could hang up a poster for a little girl with cancer!!! Sure enough, here was a poster of Laura!!!!!

Last week, Amy contacted me to ask if any of the bracelets would be sold at the Relay for Life. She had a friend Yvette, who wanted to sell bracelets. Yvette had never heard about Laura until Monday when her daughter came home from school with a Love 4 Laura bracelet on. Her daughter explained the story to her. Then, Yvette met up with Amy for some Pampered Chef. Amy was wearing her Love 4 Laura bracelet and Yvette wanted to know how Amy knew Laura. She explained she was a friend of mine and that I lived in Carson City. Low and behold, Yvette has a friend who lives in Carson City. Yes, you guessed it, her friend is Nora Ryan. I have known Nora for years and years!!!! Nora's sister is from Grand Ledge and was attending graduation for Nora's son on Friday. Nora was able to pick up bracelets from me, give them to her sister, and her sister delivered them to Yvette!!!

Kara Lynn has organized a fund raiser for Laura at the Grand Ledge Pool. I received a note from her that stated that she teaches Sunday School at Wacousta United Methodist Church and her class had made some cards for Laura. The pastor there is Lyle Heaton. And, yes you guessed it, we know Lyle very very well. Trisha babysat for his children when she was a teenager.

So if you do not believe the idea of 6 degrees, sit down and see how close you are to that 6th person. And to think, I am really that close to knowing everyone when I am just the grandma!


Jasna said...

I was at the fund raiser with my mom and bought a Love 4 Laura bracelet. Is there a way that I could give a donation for Laura. Please email me at Thank you,

Jasna Omerovic

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!